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plutonium12's News

Posted by plutonium12 - 10 days ago

quick update. i noticed i have 69 fans. thats so funny guys. anyways ill post more in a bit but thanks for the nice silly comments :D

also im doing tons of artfight stuff so ill draw ur characters if u want! team stardust RULES.

Posted by plutonium12 - January 9th, 2024

so. funny story about my last post. i actually found my pen. it was just in my backpack (im crying inside)

so i had already ordered this new pen but it wont let me cancel for some reason?? although it hasn't taken the payment yet either but whatever man. im just glad i got my pen back and i dont have to wait a month to draw again. anyways. crazy start of the year 2025 my year fr


Posted by plutonium12 - January 1st, 2024

hey guys hope you're having a better new year than i am

thought i should give an update since im really horrible at posting art but basically i lost my drawing pen and its at a hotel in another state now so i have to wait for the new one to come. realistically i think itll be here saturday with how amazing amazon is at shipping things but i tried to pay extra so it'd come faster. im hoping ill finally have the time to start drawing more again with the holidays overwith. its been hell not being able to draw as much as i want to but hopefully thatll change!

new year new chance to be silly >:D

edit: so. i cant afford the extra cost on the faster shipping. so its coming on the 20th if im lucky. happy new year guys.


Posted by plutonium12 - September 27th, 2023

so abt my last post. i found out there was a whole bug with the site entirely and its now been fixed ! yayy

otherwise im gonna try and get back to doing more art but it's probably gonna be slow with how busy i am as of late with school and extracurriculars and just generally being unmotivated. but yeah thought id do a lil update post bc its been a while


Posted by plutonium12 - September 25th, 2023

so, i checked my newgrounds account today to find like most of my art from this year wiped out. im not sure where it went or if i got hacked or something but its all gone?? worse case scenario ig ill just. reupload??? idk this is really weird and it kinda sucks


Posted by plutonium12 - June 26th, 2023

my friend lee needs help, im doing commissions for him

read more here: https://twitter.com/plutonixtwit/status/1673348822729125888


Posted by plutonium12 - March 16th, 2023


Posted by plutonium12 - January 18th, 2023


opening up comms again to help lee


Posted by plutonium12 - October 2nd, 2022

buy my friend lee's comms and follow them on twitter and newgrounds and stuff

https://twitter.com/sylveoncandy/status/1576368481787777024 for his comms

https://twitter.com/sylveoncandy for his twitter

https://klutzcomics.newgrounds.com/ for his newgrounds


Posted by plutonium12 - September 22nd, 2022

so glad i got to make art for ATLEAST ONE NEWGROUNDS APPRECIATION DAY. i always end up never making art for like pico day or anything so yeah happy i did this time also i love madness combat and hank is awesome